January 25, 2008

From Tokyo with Snow…

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Recently, i wake up for good (i call it wake ver1.0 or wake ver2.0) at about 7, quite late from the “time” point of view, but still early from “day” point of view. Winter seems do not only affect some animals for hibernating, but the humans as well. Cold and the day-night period really fools us what time it exactly is.

In winter, I usually keep the curtains closed since it can be a bit help blocking the coldness, like what i did that morning.. After taking a bath, i went for the office since i had nothing for my breakfast and thinking of buying a cake on my way.. I was just about to left my room when seeing the transparent emergency exit and everything looks so white outside.. WOOW.. It was snow falling outside!! hahaha.. my first real snowfall in Tokyo..

I instantly knocked my friends door and seems he missed the alarm and overslept. “Hey, its 7.40 already and look outside..!!” .. you can guess what..? We then busily took the picture of our first showfall in tokyo , ignoring what the japanese thinking about us :D..


(fyi: I swear its not me wrote such “Dana”.. :D)


For us in Tokyo area, it doesnt simply mean that snow will fall so frequently in the winter. It’s true that winter tend to be so cold, ranges about 2-4 C, but not cold enough to turn the vapor into crystal.. that is so pity.. we only got the severe coldness without any snow outside..in January and february sometimes it can go down to minus, but still, you need huge vapor to make the snow fall.


Tokyo and the area east side or south side are still quite “warm” compared to the area in the opposite side.. The pacific ocean surrounds tokyo, osaka and east side area has warm current called kuroshio or something.. from the northside, it also comes the cold current (oyashio??), dating his love kuroshio in seashore around tokyo. It blesses Japan with abundant fishery commodity, and also affect the climate of area they pass by. Tokyo and osaka area will be quite warm while the north side are the contrary. The other factor is the cold air comes form the west side continent is blocked by the montains stretching from north to the south side, like a shield for the east area of japan. As you can see in the picture above, the brown line is assumed to be the the mountains range, and the blue dotted one are the frequent-snowing area.

So how is it going there?? Bandung, jakarta, taiwan, Cisco traning center, kyushu, osaka, Nagoya, etc???